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The Dietitian Association of Australia

The Dietitian’s Association of Australia

By Mr. C. Johannesburg

The Dietitian’s Association of Australia

According to their vision statement, the Dietitian’s Association of Australia (DAA) is a not for profit entity that aims to provide leadership in dietetics and food nutrition, aiming at healthier people and healthy nations. 

It’s mission; to be the peak body of dietetic and nutritional professionals, and advance the professional interests of its members. 

Dietitians are tertiary qualified and able to work in private practice, and as such are required to undergo registration and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) activities. 

Members can be registered as an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD), student dietitians, Advanced APD, Nutritionists (Different accreditation requirements) or Non-APD Members. 

To find out the difference between a Dietitian and a Nutritionist, see the Nutrition Australia website page: 

Communication with members is maintained through a number of formats, including 

- Weekly and monthly emails from the DAA- National Head office 

- Interest Group (IG) and Discussion Group (DG) Membership (Including List Serve - emails between members re/ professional issues) and regular meetings (IG only). A list of groups is provided at the end of this article and you must be a member to access them. 

- CPD (Continuous Professional Development) events and National DAA Conference (The focus in 2016 is innovation and diversity of practise) 

- The APD Mentoring Program (A formal mentoring program for new graduates - or clinicians wanting to upskill in specialist areas) 

- Mail (Post) - re/ Organisational updates / annual reports 

- Strategic partnerships and memberships with key stakeholders (profit and non-profit organisations / government bodies / food service / industry, tertiary institutes etc). 

- Social Media (Facebook and Twitter) 

- Annual and General Meetings / Reports 

A number of benefits are provided to give back t members and include such things as member discounts, merchant facilities, counselling, colleague searches, journal access, job board, resources and healthcare ID number. 

This link will take you to the full list: 

The DAA has forged a number of industry partnerships in their attempts to influence, and some of these have caused a backlash and allegations of Conflict of Interest due to sponsorships various large companies have given at DAA events and functions. These allegations are hotly contested by the DAA, but should provide warning to other community of Practices to be aware of Conflict of Interest in their dealing. 

There is also an undercurrent from their members, many of whom feel afraid to voice their own nutritional style or speak up to help people publicly for fear of having their membership of the DAA revoked (a move which would prevent them from practicing). 

See here for the full list of interest and discussion groups (member access only): 


Bariatric Surgery IG 

Gastroenterology IG 

Corporate Nutrition IG 

Indigenous Nutrition IG 

Cystic Fibrosis IG 

Mental Health IG 

Diabetes IG 

Nutrition and Disability IG 

Dietitians in the Private Sector IG 

Nutrition Informatics IG 

Emerging Dietitians IG 

Nutrition Support IG 

Eating Disorders IG 

Obesity IG 

Food Allergy and Intolerance IG 

Oncology IG 

Food and Environment IG 

Public Health and Community Nutrition IG 

Food Service IG 

Rehabilitation and Aged Care IG 


Renal IG