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Building a Healthier (and Prosperous) New Year

Happy New Year! I hope this year brings success and prosperity to all of our members. Whilst success will mean different things to each of you and your endeavours, I wish you luck in achieving your goals for this year. (Because I think innovation does take a little luck sometimes... as well as a good approach, investment and expert support!).

This year will be a big one for this humble project. A successful year for this project means helping you to innovate and solve problems. Although we’ll measure our service in a number of ways, the best ‘KPI’, without a doubt, will be to 'survive' the early days and be able continue to offer expert insights and connections into 2020! That’s the primary focus of the FIAL Matrix and BHF team. 

Other success indicators for this project include adding more topic sites and securing the next stage of investment funding from our partners. As I’ve indicated in a previous post, this project will need to prove financial viability in order to prove that the idea offers value to our members. In turn, this will demonstrate effectiveness of the model to attract more investment and grants to help lower the risks of food innovation for our members.

We're also aware that there are other topics, beyond Building Healthier Foods, that can help businesses innovate and solve problems. When we first asked food manufacturers about the building healthier food concept, it became apparent that there were other technical topics that could help food businesses. These topics included, new product development (NPD), developing truly innovative products, food safety, traceability and protecting brands from food fraud, effective scale-up for products, food process engineering, diversifying products for export and waste reduction. Based on these insights, we've developed a platform that can host a series of topics to provide relevant information and direct connections to experts. If you know of any other topics (or agree or disagree!), feel free to leave a comment below.

New topic sites and investment from partners go hand-in-hand for the success of this project and to support effective and profitable innovation in our food sector. The key for us will be to focus on the topics that are relevant and provide bespoke insights and connections for our members. If you believe that this is an initiative that your business (or our industry) needs, please let others know about it. 

I'm looking forward to working with you this year...and into 2020!





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