How it works (for experts)



This site is in a pilot phase. During this phase we are providing access and services without charge.


In future, consultants will have the opportunity to earn recognition and be financially rewarded for contributions made to the BHF network.



Expert Consultant VP

Leads, building profile and networking for consultants 


Promote your expertise and get leads for consultancy or research projects.


  • Save time and focus on applying your expertise

  • Learn more about potential clients and expand your network

  • Get introduced to businesses who need help


What can I do?


  1. Contribute to the Knowledge Hub to promote your expertise (two branded articles per year).
  2. Get paid for helping businesses solve problems (after the pilot launch period). 
  3. Provide insights into problems to get warm leads.

After the introduction, work directly with the client.

We help with defining the problem, suggesting an approach, and then make the introduction. 


What type of help can I give?


Everything from new ingredients, labelling, nutritional information or dossiers, claims, reducing or replacing ingredients (e.g reducing salt or sugar) or problem solving. See case studies for inspiration (coming soon).


What does it cost?


During the pilot phase, membership is by application only and there are no costs. 

In future, there will be a membership fee and minimum in-kind contribution to maintain membership. You will also get paid for leads and pay for leads given. 

During the pilot phase we are testing the commercial payment systems using Knowledge Points.


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