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Engage with Food and Agribusinesses 


Promote your expertise and learn more about business and industry innovation challenges 

  • Targeted promotion of your expertise 

  • Learn more about potential innovation challenges and expand your network

  • Demonstrate industry engagement

How do get involved?

What can I do when I join?

  1. Contribute to the Knowledge Hub to promote your expertise (two branded articles per year).
  2. Earn Contribution Points for problem-solving and contributing to the Knowledge Hub. 
  3. Receive insights into industry challenges and participate in grant programs.


What topic areas?

The Food Matrix covers a range of topics, including Food Innovation, Building Healthier Foods, Food Fraud and Waste Re-use (coming soon). You are welcome to contribute relevant expertise and insights across the range of topics. 


What does it cost?

Membership to the network is free if you are from a Not-For-Profit organisation

(But you are expected to contribute to the network).