Network ConnecXion

eXpert Network


How it works

1. Ask 

All questions are managed confidentially by our Topic Leader

2. Review

We will seek responses from our expert community for you to review.

3. Connect

If you want to be contacted by an expert, we'll connect you.

(You remain anonymous to the experts, until you decide to connect) 


What can I ask? 

  • Our network can assist with all healthy food related queries and problems. For example market insights, sensory, ingredients, manufacturing, nutrition, labelling, claims, shelf-life, food safety, analysis, packaging... 
  • This option is best for simple problems, i.e that require one area of expertise.
  • Best option for when you need to get quick insights from the right expert.

What will the expert responses include?

In response to your question, at least three experts will provide insight on:

  • How to solve the problem 
  • Who else to ask for insight
  • What to do next if it doesn't work 

How long will it take? 

  • Expect to hear a response from us within 1 working day (we may need to clarify the question before it goes to experts)
  • We aim to have responses from experts to you within 2 working days.

How much does it cost?

This service is managed by our Topic Leader, to ensure confidentiality and quality of responses. The cost for this this service is 140 KP.