Matrix Expert Consultant VP

Lead generation, profile building and networking for consultants 


Promote your expertise and get Live Leads for consultancy jobs.

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Save time and focus on applying your expertise

Learn more about potential clients and expand your network

Get introduced to businesses who need help


How do I get involved? 



What can I do when I join?

- Contribute to the Knowledge Hub to promote your expertise (two branded articles per year).

- Earn Knowledge Points for helping businesses solve problems and contributing to the Knowledge Hub. 

- Provide insights into problems and pay for Live Leads with Knowledge Points.


The Food Matrix helps identify and scope problem and then make the introduction to you via Live Leads. 


What type of help can I give?

Everything from new ingredients, product development, technical problems, equipment optimisation, food safety, shelf-life, reformulation, cost optimisation, waste re-use, R&D, labelling, nutritional information or dossiers, claims, reducing or replacing ingredients to general problem-solving. 


What does it cost?

Membership to the network is free.  

You can also buy Knowledge Points to pay for Live Leads.