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Woolworths – Salt Reformulation Case Study

Woolworths is one of the largest food manufacturers in Australia leading the way in terms of salt reformulation. Case study provided by The Heart Foundation.

Unpack the salt

Around 75% of the salt in the Australian diet comes from processed and packaged foods and alarmingly, consumers are eating almost double the daily intake for recommended salt. Learn more about the Victorian Salt Reduction project.

Reducing salt in meat, not the snag you were expecting

Salt is important in the fat and protein matrices formed in cured meat products but a portion can be replaced, and fortunately, there is a commercial salt-substitute product that has been having success.

Salt reduction in bread

Salt reduction in bread Bread and cereal products are a significant contributor to the Australian daily diet, making this category a prime target for reducing sodium intake through long-term strategies and reformulation. Long-term strategies...

Salt reduction, the modern day taste challenge

Salt reduction, the modern day taste challenge By Aprill Allen Salt consumption has risen to alarming levels for most people, with the average intake being twice the recommended maximum level, according to the World Health Organisation....
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