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Need to change a product, start by reviewing current market trends, new ingredients, or learn from what others have done.  Members of the Food Matrix can access articles and insights related to topics that have been commissioned and created by community members. 

"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants." -Isaac Newton, 1675


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The Dietitian Association of Australia

A case study of communities of practice.

Formulation challenges when increasing fibre content in food and dairy product development.

Foods With Fibre Boost By Robert Klein The demand from consumers to increase fibre content in foods and beverages has become nearly as loud as from healthcare professionals. Yet the resultant cascade of formulation challenges...

Dairy Food Safety Victoria Learning Network

It was proposed that the industry come together in a collaborative effort to use the collective knowledge of industry, scientists and regulators in a constructive and co-operative way by forming a “Learning Network” with a view to promoting the concept to others, both within and outside the dairy...

Saturated Fats Not So Bad After All, Say Leading Australian Scientists

Two of Australia’s leading academics in nutritional health have taken a swipe at the current orthodoxy concerning which fats are health or unhealthy.
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