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Building Healthier Foods is currently in a pilot phase and undergoing "beta" testing. Membership is available on a trial basis.


During the pilot phase of the project there are no fees for participation. We are testing payment systems using "Knowledge Points" rather than cash. 


We hope you will provide us with feedback to help improve the site. Also, there may be periods when the site is inaccessible while we add or change features. Please be patient, we're working to make this a great site for you. 


In future, we expect there will be fees to join the community and for the services provided. We'll notify you in advance of changes.


You can only join one membership group.

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Food Manufacturers

For people working in food manufacturing

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Expert consultants

For consultants and academics who want to help businesses solve problems

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Expert contributors

A group for subject matter experts who want to participate in the Community of Practice (coming soon)

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